Project Reimagine

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We help people harness their inherent creativity for greater social impact, healthier communication, and conflict transformation. 

We believe that creativity is a catalyst for these positive changes when we allow curiosity to transform the fear that accompanies risk and uncertainty. Whether we are working with social entrepreneurs, NGOs, schools, community groups, or corporate clients, our goal is to facilitate a space that nurtures curiosity—a space that is adaptable and sensitive to the relational complexity of diverse teams and communities. By utilizing artistic techniques, we engage in play to build social emotional skills, promote connection and understanding, and inspire innovation. As a result, learning to harness creativity leads to greater self-awareness, heightened communication skills, and more sustainable solutions. 

Our Values

  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Equity
  • Clear communication
  • Commitment 
  • Accountability 

Who We Work With

  • Social entrepreneurs and leaders
  • NGOs
  • Corporate companies (CSV-focused)  
  • Schools & universities

What We Offer

Through standalone workshops, creative team retreats, and tailored coaching, we focus on the synergy between deep listening and voice that gives way to conflict transformation and significant shifts in perspective.  

Learning with the Reimagine Project is based on a range of methods, from emergent facilitation and design thinking to theater and psychodrama. Much of our work is grounded in the practice of storytelling, and in developing and integrating new narratives into our personal and professional lives. We also help clients identify what’s holding them back and how they can change their relationship with failure. Contact us for more detailed information about what a workshop or coaching package could look like for you.     

Stand-alone Workshops*

  • 2-8 hours (depending on context, needs, space, etc.)
  • Tailored facilitation**
  • Theme-based (creativity, storytelling, etc) and skill-based foci (e.g. empathy, communication, collaboration, etc.)
  • Experiential


  • Art-based Practices and Social-emotional Learning
  • Re-Imagining Ourselves and Others within Community
  • Creative Leadership
  • Value-Aligned Communication and Influence

Creative Team Retreats

  • 2-3 days (depending on context, needs, space, etc.)
  • Tailored facilitation**
  • Self-development and team-building through a design-thinking perspective
  • Experiential


  • Group or individual packages available
  • Process of clarification through targeted questions and support
  • In-person or over the phone
  • Mentorship model also available as an add-on to any coaching package

* Workshops may also be implemented as part of a series. Contact us for other customizable options.

** Tailored facilitation draws on the tools and knowledge of facilitators to create an experience that is uniquely suited to address the specific team dynamics, challenges, and/or impact area of any given workshop or retreat. Facilitation is focused on emergence and creativity, allowing for learnings to evolve organically within groups.  

Our Techniques

Methods used to guide workshops and retreats are drawn from our own artistic practices and include theater and psychodrama techniques as well as writing and design-thinking exercises. These exercises range from scene improvisation and role playing to story mapping, ideation, and prototyping. The flow of any given workshop or retreat is designed to help participants discover new information about the challenges they face, make sense of their roles, and create new narratives that move them forward. Workshops and retreats are centered around curiosity—asking the right questions to bring about new insights, transform conflict, and create change.       

Who We Are

Katharine Zaun (

Katie is interested in the nature of community, and in how we might question outdated narratives and invite in new perspectives. As an educator, she facilitates learning with adults of different backgrounds to build skills and promote social-emotional growth. Some of her most valuable tools include counter-storytelling, peace education practices, and human-centered design. In addition to teaching, Katie has worked with education non-profits to revise curricula and train facilitators. She is a writer and is currently at work on a collection of poems. This artist side of her is infused into all of her collaborations. She is also the creator and curator of the Global Poetry Project, a moving multicultural initiative created to build community and give voice to belonging.

Markel R. Méndez H. (

Markel is focused on adding value to and creating innovative communication solutions for organizations, initiatives, and campaigns that work toward wellness and the sustainable resolution of social issues. He has over 21 years of experience in the communication field, specializing in NGO support, communications for social development, social change, and innovation. Markel has a Master Degree in Communications for Social Development, and is certified in Psychodrama and Coaching. He is a theater actor, interested in the development of creativity and self-expression. He created the Theater of Integration, a project which integrated tools of psychodrama and spontaneous theater to strengthen the sense of community, the understanding and acceptance between people.

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