Communicating for change

The power of how we say what we say.

Effective communication is the most essential tool for more productive and positive relating in all areas of life. Because we communicate almost intuitively, fostering better practices often gets overlooked. We don’t invest enough time and energy thinking about the way they communicate with others and the impact it might have. Most importantly, we don’t consider the fantastic possibility we have  to communicate differently and the impact that this might have in our lives. 

The secrets for more powerful communication dynamics are easy to say and hard to implement: CONNECTION AND CREATIVITY. Developing these two aspects and infusing them into the way we interact with others can change the course of conversations, relationships and our lives.

This training was created thinking of leaders and entrepreneurs who are generating social impact through their work. It aims to develop and strengthen participants’ expressive skills in order to expand their capacity for communicating with more clarity and force.


THE CORE- Authenticity, creativity and influence. 

We’́ll introduce the base topics that together form the platform for a new perspective on what effective communication is and how we can approach it differently. 

  • Personal purpose and the roles we play.
  • The power of perception.
  • The creative filter.
  • Connection in the digital era.
  • Communicate to connect vs communicate to get results.
  • Applying the creative filter to the communication process.
  • Practices to connect with expressive and communication skills.


THE PRACTICE- Changing the conversation


We will lay the foundations for writing texts that, regardless of their practical purpose, seek to establish rapport. We’ll implement practices and deliver tools to develop a more effective and clear writing style that aims to resonate deeply with the listener. We will also focus on how to apply creativity to this type of writing in order to generate more impact and uniqueness through the content we create; independently of it being a simple email, text message or an important project proposal 

  • Text and purpose.
  • Storytelling and its hidden power.
  • Effective everyday communications (mails, letters, notes).
  • Magic presentations (work proposals, presentations, budgets, projects).
  • Self-defense training against creative blocks. 

An innovative take on the spoken word. We’ll take a deeper look at new forms of verbal expression that adapt better to the circumstance and generate empathy and rapport. We’ll help participants tap into their potential to use the body as an expressive instrument and refine their perceptive awareness. 

  • Listening instead of hearing.
  • Breath and voice management.
  • Image creation
  • Speaking our body’s language.
  • Emotional balance and connection.
  • Rhythm and fluidity
  • Eloquence
  • Structures for presenting ideas and projects.





Accomplishing harmony and connection.

  • Clear objectives and clear roles
  • Effective feedback.





We’ll How to build a digital presence with purpose and use storytelling to create more relevant and innovative content.

  • Choosing media appropriately.
  • Professional profile creation (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram).
  • Relevant content creation.
  • Assertive bios.